Friday, May 16, 2008

Blogging Pro: 3 Coloumn Themplate For Adsense Publisher

Howdy! This is great template for adsense publisher. First released by eblogtemplate and I repost for my beloved friends in Indonesia who looking for a great make money online Blogger template and Blogging Pro is the latest and greatest web 2.0 template built just for that. This is another exciting cutting-edge Blogger template that eBlog giving away for free and all we ask of you is to keep the footer links intact.

You might see some other conversions of this template out there but I promise you’ll find eBlog's to be top-notch and feature-rich. And this is blog os live demo for Blogging Pro for Blogger you'll see and interact with the template before you even download it! But if you want download it now just click here to download.

This template was originally designed for WordPress by Design Disease and converted to WordPress by Blogging Pro. I loved this template but were disappointed I couldn’t find a good conversion for Blogger users so guess what? Till I found eBlog do that.

Read instruction how to use this template in english at eBlogTemplate, just simple click right here, and for Indonesian you can find it here.

Happy Blogging and earn lot of money! :)